Greek Universities Admission

How can one graduate from high school?

In order to be able to graduate from a Greek high school, one must have at least a mean grade of 9,5 in the 20-grade scale. In this case 9,5 is rounded to 10.

If i succeed to enter a Greek university, can i be candidate for next year's pan Hellenic examinations?

You can apply for another pan-Hellenic examination so many times as you want. In this case candidates maintain the oral grades given from the school they graduated and the opportunity to get better written grades. Here we mention, that oral grades have low effect on the final grade (maximum 0,6 on the 20-grade scale).

Which are the lessons in written tests?

Every candidate is examined in six or seven lessons. The seventh is the special lesson needed for certain universities or technical schools.

Do all lessons share the same affect on the final grade?

Not every lesson has the same contribution to the total grade. More specifically talking, there are certain lessons that have the highest affect, which is 13%. These lessons are Mathematics, Biology and Ancient Greek language respectively for each of the three orientations of candidates. Then come Physics, Chemistry and latin language respectively, with a lower affect of 7%. Then all of the lessons contribute to the rest 80%.

How can one be admitted to a University of economical science?

He should be examined in the special seventh lesson called " principles of the economical theory ".

How can one be admitted to a Polytechnic university of architecture?

He should be examined in the special seventh lesson " design in line and freehand mode ".